Toronto Pizza

To Succeed in something you have to enjoy it, this is what my grandfather used to say.

In 1967 I set off from Palechori to Canada for a career in mechanology. I decorated my walls with some shiny papers from the field, but I kept restless (other interests).

One accidental meeting wit the Italian pizza professor, senior Francesco Longo, my admiration of his knowledge, skills and product was enough to persuade me to enroll my self as one of his students.

Later on, when I managed my own store (Quo Vadis Pizza) business boomed by 350% and continued this streak for over 15 years. Our Success at Toronto Pizza (Cyprus) is beyond our wildest expectations.

We never underestimate the knowledge and intelligence of our customer. He can always tell a good pizza and can distinguish Quality, Price, Service and Cleanliness.


We never take short cuts in this area.

After all, we work hard to stay the best.

Company Information
Year of Establishment 1971